Search Guide on Looking for Emails In Your Inbox

There are people who do not emails that often because they are very important and will try to get back to them later. If you are one of those people whose archives are full of emails and it is really impossible to search for them when the time comes that you need the specific email. Email services have their own help function in case this thing happen such as the gmail help. You can go to that help and look for some help that you are looking for this specific email. If you want to know more about this help you can read this post. Just click on the hyperlink.

But in this article, you can read some of the basic help that would be really helpful to you. Once you log into gmail, type the words “Search Mail” on the field or you can go quickly by pressing the “/”. Then, press enter and a magnifying class will appear. When you want to specify or narrow the result of your search, click the Show Search Options. In there you can enter the sender’s email address and the name of the from. You can also put the subject or some phrase on the email. To find out more about gmail, you can always sign up for gmail and study for yourself.

You can also specify more the search with the label and search the message if it has the attachment. Attachment can be useful while you are searching. If you can remember the file name of the attachment, it will be much better. The good thing about Gmail is that the messages that belong on your spam and trash will not be included on the search. So, searching will be easier and faster if you have hundreds of emails on your account. To explore more about this feature, google email sign up now.

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