The Morality of Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning or in short NFP is a way in which the couple will avoid pregnancy. There are ways in which the couple must follow in order to achieve the goal, to avoid pregnancy, though the use of physical means. There are two forms that NFP uses. Here are the two different forms:

  1. The Ecological Breastfeeding of the Mothers. This is a form of a child caring in which there is normal spaces of the babies for about two years as an average.
  2. The Systematic Natural Family Planning. This is the system in which the women will determine the periods where she will be fertile and unfertile on her cycle every month.

This method becomes now the umbrella in determining the specific method of when the woman is fertile. As of the moment, there are issues regarding the difference of natural family planning and using contraception. NFP is believed a morality act but the second works that may cause abortions. The NFP is approved by the Roman Catholic Church in which the sexual behavior of the couple still abides their teaching. This method is used to avoid pregnancy by limiting the sexual intercourse on infertility period such as during pregnancy, menstrual cycle and after the menopausal.

Proponents label NFP as artificial birth control so it can be differentiate from birth control. Some organizations insist that it has its unique characteristic on other method except for the abstinence. Moreover, natural family planning is different from using contraception because according to the action theory, it won’t break the natural sexual act in a way that contraceptives do.

But according to some studies, couples who use NFP are prone to divorce for about 1% to 3%.  Though most of the marriages end up on divorce. Eventually, this still depends on the strong relationship between the family, especially the couple.

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